Pavement & Asphalt Repair

Pavement & Asphalt Repair in North Carolina

We at NC Paving Services are based in North Carolina and are operating both commercial and residential asphalt paving and repair services in and around the state of North Carolina. Our team consists of certified and experienced experts whose primary objective is to accomplish the job flawlessly and also within a short period. We are known to make use of top-notch equipment, which aids us to execute our task in the most efficient possible way. In this way, we have the distinction of gratifying numerous clients in Kent and the adjoining areas.

Why should you choose NC Paving Services?

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt repairing is not as complicated as people may think. It is one of the most preferred materials when driveway repair is done. The main reason is that it is easy to fix, repair, and more economical as compared to other materials. After the extended use of pavement, they can develop some cracks. If you ignore these for an extended period, they develop into the pothole. So, immediately after detecting the cracks or pothole, you should seek the services of NC Paving contractors for pothole repair. At NC Paving Services, we offer the best asphalt appearing to all our customers. The materials necessary tools to produces the satisfaction job to our clients.


Sealcoating is a crucial part of your home. It’s not only parking lot attractive but also protects asphalt from deterioration. The majority of property managers and homeowners are familiar with the necessity to seal coating. But have many questing because they don’t know the need for paving services. Professionals have experience and knowledge of installing seal coating services to all customers. Whether it’s a residential or commercial seal coating services, our specialists are always available to serve the customers.


It’s not a normal thing when you look at your driveway and get filled with horror at the number of cracks that have occurred over the last few months. The good thing is that you can repair your pavement or replace them as a long-term option. Pavement resurfacing is the best option you can take. It’s simple and economical and will save you a lot of money as compared to replacing the driveway. When you contact our professionals, the first thing they will do is to find the best tools and materials to resurface your pavement. They will remove any loose pieces in the concrete and then make the service as clean as possible before applying any new layer. Our professionals are qualified and skilled to carry any resurfacing.

We are Licensed and Insured

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial manager, safety and privacy is the first thing that would like from pavement contractors. Your home contains many secrets that you would not like an outsider to know. At NC Paving Services, we value the price and safety of our clients. All our employees are professionals, and they do not tamper with people’s properties. We have insurance cover on the services and also our employees. We guarantee quality work, and if the job is done poorly, we promise to refund or repeat of the job done. We are bonded and regulated by the law.

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If you live in North Carolina and the surrounding areas and you need Paving Services, contact NC Paving Services for quality services. We have the expertise of offering paving services over the years. Call us today at 866-525-7287. And get free quotes on all Asphalt paving services.