Parking Lot Striping

Parking Lot Sealing and Striping in North Carolina

We are a locally owned and operated paving company with decades of experience providing asphalt services for business owners in North Carolina. When installing new asphalt parking lots, or performing maintenance on existing parking spaces, you can trust our commercial paving contractors to provide start to finish services. Whatever paving needs you have, we can help! Sealing and striping parking lots make them look brand new and it makes a great first impression on customers.  

High-Quality Materials

There are several grades of linestriping and sealcoating materials available. NC Paving Services knows which materials to use for which application and will leave your lot looking great. Using the wrong type of asphalt sealant or the striping paint can result in a finish that dulls quickly or washes away. Our asphalt contractors will use quality products that are tried and true.


An application of sealant helps preserve your asphalt pavement and extend its life. Sealing usually should be performed every 1-3 years on commercial asphalt surfaces. Coal tar and asphalt emulsion sealers are two of the types of asphalt sealant. Using the correct kind for your lot is important. The benefits of seal coating include: improving the look of your pavement, protecting asphalt from oil spills and UV rays, and sealing hairline cracks.

Line Striping

Striping parking spaces helps keep things neat and orderly. We can also add line striping for other features in your parking lot! Asphalt paint is helpful for making curbs more visible, designating crosswalks and fire lanes, and numbering parking spaces. Traffic can also be directed with arrows. Preformed thermoplastic arrows and striping can be useful for extra bright and visible directions. ADA compliance requires clear markings to delineate handicapped accessible parking spaces. We can help make sure your parking lot conforms to the requirements!

Crack Filling

Water that infiltrates asphalt surfaces is a major cause of damage to pavement. Crack filling and sealing is therefore an important part of preventative asphalt maintenance. We fix cracks with high quality crack filler that will help prevent the cracks getting worse from traffic driving over it, and debris and water infiltrating it. Crackfilling is usually done before sealcoating as part of a routine maintenance plan.

Why Sealant is So Effective

Sometimes business owners ask us why sealcoating is considered so important. Asphalt sealant works like a barrier and protective coat. It’s a very cost-effective way of preventing damaging water infiltration and extending the life of asphalt surfaces. The coat of asphalt sealant can take the brunt of ultraviolet rays, oil spills, and wear and tear throughout the year. It also helps lock in asphalt binders that help prevent pavement from becoming brittle. This is why, for many parking lots throughout North Carolina, we recommend asphalt sealing as part of a preventative maintenance program.

Here to Help

NC Paving Services offers free estimates and consultations. Whatever asphalt services you need, we look forward to discussing your upcoming paving project with you and providing a free quote. There is no obligation to go with us and we won’t bug you for a decision. It’s easy to take care of your commercial asphalt surfaces – just call us, and our paving contractors will be on it!