Parking Lot Repair and Patching

Parking Lot Repair Solutions in North Carolina

Our paving contractors specialize in asphalt repair and maintenance. Ensuring that your parking lot looks great, and is safe, smooth, and free of potholes, is part of our job. A commercial parking lot with lots of holes, cracks, or other damage can be a hazard. It can be difficult to navigate – both for drivers and pedestrians. Make sure your parking lot makes a great first impression by hiring us to perform preventative maintenance and fix any issues.

Potholes, sinkholes, and cracks all allow water to infiltrate to the foundation of your asphalt. This can lead to more damage throughout your parking lot as the water erodes the foundation, or freezes in pockets and expands, causing the asphalt to break. With our pothole patching, and asphalt crack sealing, business owners can avoid the cost of replacing large sections of their parking lot.

Benefits of Parking Lot Repairs

A well-maintained parking lot looks great, reduces your liability for accidents, and makes a good first impression on customers. If your property doesn’t have a smooth asphalt surface, it can make it difficult for vehicles to navigate, and can turn away potential business. Keeping your parking lot in good shape will improve your customer’s experience, increase safety, and prevent widespread damage. We can also correct some flooding and standing water problems by resurfacing your parking lot.

Commercial Property Maintenance

We also offer routine maintenance that helps improve the look of your entire lot. Parking lot maintenance includes services like crack filling, sealcoating, and parking lot striping. Refreshing your pavement with high-quality asphalt sealant makes your asphalt look new, and also protects the asphalt surface. Asphalt sealer acts as a barrier between your parking lot and harsh UV rays, winter salt, and oil spills. After sealing parking lots, we can paint lines that really pop! Against the dark black surface of a fresh coat of sealant, parking space lines look great and are highly visible.

How to Repair Potholes

The first step for any asphalt repair job is to assess the damage, and determine a cost-effective solution. If a parking lot has lots of potholes, then maybe it needs to be resurfaced or replaced. When a pothole can be effectively repaired by itself, the first step is usually to mark out and cut out a square section around it. Then the old asphalt and debris is removed. This removes all the damaged, worn-out asphalt and allows a good join between the new asphalt and old asphalt. After this, new asphalt is installed. This fresh section of asphalt is compacted, and soon it will be ready for traffic.

Free Estimate

Customers appreciate a parking lot that is in good condition. If you have damage, like cracks or potholes, in your pavement, and want a quote to repair them, give us a call. Or if your parking lot looks a little tired and rundown, our sealcoating and restriping services are the perfect solution. We look forward to helping with all your parking lot maintenance needs in Gastonia, Burlington, Mooresville, and Hickory.