Parking Lot Paving

North Carolina Parking Lot Paving

Parking lots are an essential feature for every brick-and-mortar business. Ample parking spaces, smooth lanes, and sturdy truck entrances, are all important features of a commercial asphalt lot. Our paving contractors always take care to do the job right. We use the proper materials, up-to-date equipment, and make sure our customers are happy with the end result.

NC Paving Services works with business owners, industrial property owners, government clients, churches, and property managers throughout Gastonia, Burlington, Mooresville, and Hickory. We have years of experience installing, replacing, and resurfacing asphalt, so we know the best practices to follow for a sturdy, long-lasting surface you can rely on. Asphalt is an affordable option that makes a great first impression. It contrasts well with line striping so drivers can easily see where they should drive and park, and it can be refreshed with asphalt sealcoating and resurfacing in order to look brand new even years after it was originally installed.

Services for Your Asphalt Parking Lot

As a full-service paving company, we offer start-to-finish asphalt services. If you need a new parking lot, our asphalt parking lot installation services are here for you. We work on new construction projects, can expand your existing parking lot, and install new asphalt parking lots where you currently have grass, dirt, or gravel.

We also offer asphalt replacement. When your existing parking lot has cracks or the pavement surface has extensive damage, it may need to be torn out and repaved. Our paving contractors always make sure to handle the entire process with attention to detail and follow all codes and guidelines. We make sure there is a strong base layer and proper drainage system in place. Your new pavement will be compacted properly, look great, and last for years.

If your existing asphalt pavement is solid, but has some small cracks, standing water, and looks worn, an asphalt overlay may be the solution for you! First, the top surface layer is removed through asphalt milling. This removes surface damage and the worn top layer of asphalt. Then a fresh high quality asphalt layer is paved on top of the entire area. Your parking lot will look brand new, feel great, and be ready for many more years of daily traffic. This is a cost-effective, and low-waste, way of refreshing an asphalt parking lot without needing to tear up and replace it.

Professional Asphalt Paving

Our paving services include every part of the parking lot paving process – from preparing the foundation to pavement marking. Asphalt installation involves many factors and we have all the necessary equipment and expertise to do a great job. We know the importance of installing a sturdy foundation, and sub base that will properly drain water and support the layers above it. We make sure we use the correct hot mix asphalt for your project and the kind of traffic your parking lot gets. Finally, parking space lines and lane markings help direct traffic and keep customers safe.

For a free consultation on your asphalt parking lot, give us a call or fill out the form. Our asphalt experts serve all of North Carolina. We look forward to helping you get a new asphalt parking lot that reflects well on your business and contributes to customer satisfaction when they visit your commercial property. We also install basketball courts and golf cart paths.

About NC Paving Services

NC Paving Services is a company that provides asphalt paving and maintenance services to residents and businesses throughout North Carolina. Along with parking lot paving, we also offer services such as parking lot striping, services for ADA accessibility, and seal coating.

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