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In the Mooresville, NC area, NC Paving Services is the top asphalt paving company. We offer unparalleled service and prices for asphalt repairs and maintenance. Our asphalt paving contractors are certified, bonded, and insured. We install and repair pavements all throughout Mooresville, and the surrounding areas. Our company completes the most extensive paving projects by using the most up-to-date paving materials, tools, and techniques available.

When you hire NC Paving Services, you’re getting more than asphalt services. You’re getting a company with many years of experience in serving the Iredell County area. You’re getting quality and long-lasting solutions that meet your individual needs. More importantly, you’re hiring a company that views you as a valued customer.

Residential and commercial property owners can rely on our asphalt paving services from design to completion. We want to make sure our asphalt customers have all the information they need to make a choice they will be happy with. With our free consultations and creative, budget-friendly solutions, our paving contractors and estimators give our clients options. Throughout the Charlotte metropolitan area, our paving contractors specialize in asphalt pavement installation, resurfacing, repair, sealcoating, and striping for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. It is our goal to take care of all types and sizes of asphalt work. We want to free our customers from the challenges associated with managing several contractors to deliver the job on time.

Residential Paving Contractor in Mooresville, NC

It is important that the exterior of the home be visually appealing, and you should make sure your driveway is free of potholes and cracks. The look of your home can be dramatically improved by residential asphalt paving services from our residential paving contractors. We help homeowners have the driveways they will be happy with for years to come. The cost of building an asphalt surface is affordable, and its durability and long-lasting nature make it a great paving choice. If you would like to discuss asphalt paving options for your residential property, contact us today.

Easy Maintenance 

One of the complaints we receive the most from customers about their current driveway is that it’s difficult to maintain. 

Filling the holes in dirt driveways, replacing gaps in gravel, and dealing with pools of water after a storm takes up time and money. Asphalt pavement is a long lasting hard surface that lasts for many years. Also with asphalt, you can set up a basketball court, let your kids ride their bikes on it, set up a soccer goal, or even go outside and use sidewalk chalk with your kids. All you’ll have to do is spray it down when you’re finished and your asphalt driveway will look as good as the day it was installed.  Our experts will work with you to make sure that your driveway has the correct grade and slope so that flooding is no longer a problem. 

Having a fully licensed and insured asphalt contractor install your driveway ends up saving you money over the life of your driveway! Contact our asphalt paving team today!

Increased Residential Property Value

When shopping for a home, most people form first impressions based on the outside of a home. Which home would you rather buy or rent: a property with a beautiful asphalt driveway or one that has a poorly maintained dirt or gravel driveway? 

Asphalt driveways increase the resale value and rental price of your home. By investing a little now, you can make more money later. It’s one of the best investments in your home to make if you’re concerned with getting a good return on investment. 

Commercial Paving Services​

Providing paving services for commercial properties is our specialty. Our paving company can eliminate the headaches of maintaining your commercial asphalt. Whether you have a large parking lot, private road, or walkway, they need to be in good condition for customers and employees. From small pothole repairs and yearly maintenance plans to full-scale parking lot installation projects, NC Paving Services has the experienced and dedicated team and customized solutions to assist you and your company with your commercial, industrial, or municipal asphalt paving projects.

Improve Resale Value And Get More Tenants

If you own a strip mall or other commercial property that rents office space out to businesses, it’s important to have curb appeal. No one will rent a space from you without a parking lot that they can be proud of. 

A paving contractor can improve your parking lot, helping you attract new businesses and improving your cash flow. Every month one of your offices is empty, you lose money. 

Attract New Customers

When customers decide where to shop, the first thing they notice is the outside of a business. If you present them with a well-maintained asphalt parking lot, you’ll instill confidence in them that you take your business seriously and run a professional business. 

Appearance is everything. Customers are more likely to trust a business that puts its best foot forward. People from all over Iredell County come to Mooresville to shop. Why not be the business that stands out from the rest and get an asphalt contractor to help you today? 

Asphalt Repair 

If you already have an asphalt driveway, road, or parking lot but it needs repair, we can help. Our team can assess what’s needed and get your pavement back to how it was when it was first installed!

We can fill cracks, repair blemishes, and patch potholes to improve your asphalt surfaces. We can also apply sealcoating to protect it against future damage, such as water and the ultraviolet rays that will dry out the pavement surface. It’s a simple procedure that can save you time and money in the future!

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Paving Contractor? 

One of the first things people want to know is the cost of their upcoming paving project. In most cases, it’s not possible to provide a set price. Instead we calculate it based on a number of factors, such as the size and scope of the project, whether you need the current surface torn out, or if you just need an overlay or patching. We will take into account how much time the project will require, and if you require milling and sealcoating. Once we have this information, we can provide a quote that’s both fair and reasonable!

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The City of Racing

Mooresville is a great city to call home. It’s a fast-growing city that retains its small-town charm and work ethic. 

The city is home to 60 Nascar teams and businesses, as well as two automotive museums. You can also visit the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame anytime you want to experience the history of “the official sport of the South.” 

Mooresville isn’t all racing, however. It’s also the home of Selma Burke and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. It’s a place that’s influenced sports, entertainment, and culture while maintaining a sense of itself. 

Here at NC Paving Services, we understand the importance of delivering fast results. We aren’t quite as fast as Busch brothers, but we do pride ourselves on many of the things that made them two of the best racers in a generation: hard work, pride, and speed. 

We take pride in helping the people and businesses of Mooresville. If you need a local paving contractor that can deliver the results you want, contact us today.

Settled by English, German, and Scot-Irish families who moved into the area from nearby Rowan County, Mooresville, NC would soon develop into a thriving town. Many early families were seeking new lands on which to establish farms, and others came to the area as early as the mid-1700s. They formed small communities that eventually grew into the area known as “Deep Well,” which took its name from a large natural well present in this area.

Mooresville retains its many historical sites and cultural significance. The 38,000+ residents are passionate about this community. Additionally, know as “Race City USA,” Mooresville is home to more than 60 NASCAR teams and features many racing-related businesses. Mooresville features many museums dedicated to this fast-paced sport. NC Paving Services is passionate about this town and its people, and we are here to see its growth.

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