Asphalt Paving & Patching

Asphalt Paving & Patching in North Carolina

Whether you need to install the new driveway or replace the old one, you will need the best asphalt paving service. For this, you will need the best service provider. There are so many service providers in North Carolina, but NC Paving Service is the best one among all. We provide a wide range of service to our customers.

We provide lots of services to our customers. These are as follows:

Asphalt paving and patching

There are various kinds of patching techniques that will cover the cracks on the roads and pave ways. The patching can help you to prevent further deterioration of the pave ways. We use high-quality materials to provide you the long-lasting services. Our experts will handle the whole matter very seriously. Our patching techniques will help you to avoid huge expenses as well.

Private Road Repair

Our experienced workmen will repair your private road as well. When you hire us, our service persons will handle the whole matter generously. The right type of repairing can save you extra costs as well. You do not need to spend a lot of money in the future.

Pothole Repair

Our service person will help you to repair the pothole. Our workmen will remove the debris and water from the potholes. After that, they will do further work related to improving the pothole. Our service persons will fill the potholes and compact it with the help of a heavy vehicle.

Crack fills

If there are cracks in the pave ways and roads, then you will have to call us to fill those cracks. Our experts will repair the cracks immediately in a practical manner. You do not need to suffer more due to the cracks on the pave ways and roads. Crack filling is essential and necessary.


Our employees also do these for your benefits. You do not need to go to someone else. Our experts and experienced service person will sort the whole matter professionally. You will enjoy with your new and repaired pave ways. You can also enjoy your parking.

Chip Seals

It is one kind of pavement surface treatment that our experts can do for you. This type of servicing is used primarily in rural areas. This type of servicing is only beneficial for the country roads carrying the lower traffic. Our experts will resolve this problem, as well.

Why We Are the Best

We are the best service provider in North Carolina, and we provide these services at an affordable rate. You can hire us if you want flawless services. We also offer free quotes on all these services. We have so many experienced and skilled persons in our team.

If you want to hire us and get our professional and uninterrupted services, then you should call us on 866-525-7287. Our customer care representative will be there to receive your call. You can share your problem with them. They will guide you according to that.